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Dental GC G-Premio BOND

G-Premio Bond

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Dental GC G-Premio BOND One Component Light-Cured Adhesive Refill 5 mL (8th generation)!!

G-Premio BOND is a universal, 8th generation bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing excellent versatility. It is perfectly adapted to all direct restorations and can also be used to repair indirect restorations without the use of the primer. G-Premio BOND can also be used in combination with a silane when repairing glass or hybrid ceramic and is also ideal for hypersensitivity. It is available in a bottle (5 mL) with a new silicone cover to enable more precise drop dispensing and a 50 unit dose pack (0.16 mL each). When using G-ænial Sculpt, G-ænial Universal Flo, and G-Premio BOND together, a clinician will have the consistent and predictable materials that allow the individual to create highly esthetic and wear-resistant direct restorations.


Feature & Benefits:

Available in updated-design bottle or unit dose delivery

Low pH (1.5) provides effective and consistent bonding

Use in all total-etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding techniques

Low film thickness (3 microns) enables use with resin cement to bond indirect restorations

Universal (8th generation) bonding agent for use in direct and indirect procedures and treatment of hypersensitivity

Up to 5 minutes working time

Consistent bond strength with easy application

Better dispensing control and less waste with the new silicone bottle design

Companion to G-ænial™ Universal Flo for ease of placement and shade matching

The fast technique (10-second placement and 25 seconds before placing composite)

Reference No & Expiry:  minimum 1 year

Package contents:  5mL refill/Pack [Choose the quantity from option]


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