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INTERLIG ANGELUS Glass Fiber Splint 3 units impregnated Light Cure

Light cure

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Product Description

Dental Glass Fiber Splint impregnated Light Cure INTERLIG ANGELUS


  • Splinting in periodontics.
  • Splinting of traumatized teeth.
  • Fabrication of adhesive direct temporaru prostheses.
  • Reinforcement of large restorations.


  • Pre-impregnated (ready to use): Saves time and material.
  • Glass fiber: High flexural strength.
  • Easy to cut: Special scissors are not required.
  • Malleable fiber: Easy to adapt.
  • Packed in sachets: Easy handling; protects fibers from light and heat.

sizes 8.5mm X 2mm X 0.2mm




High quality product

Made in Brazil


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