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MTA (Mineral trioxide aggregate) Angelus Dental material

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MTA (Mineral trioxide aggregate) Angelus Dental material.

0.28 gm

Indications :-

o    Treatment of perforations ( root canal and fur-cation).

o    Sealing of internal resorption and communicating internal resorption.

o    Reverse filling in periapical surgery.

o    Direct pulp capping and pulpotomy ( permanent and deciduous teeth).

o    Apexification and apexigenesis.

o    Intracoronal sealing prior to internal bleaching of root canal treated teeth.

o    Apical plug prior to root canal filling in case of wide apex.

Benefits :-

o    Release of calcium ions: Enhances formation of mineralized tissues; provides biological sealing of perforations and total repair of damaged periradicular tissues.

o    Biological action: Capable of inducing neoformation of periradicular cement.

o    Hydrophilic: Dental material inductor of neoformation of periradicular cementum.

o    High alkalinity: Antibacterial properties.

o    Low solubility: Does not allow leakage.

o    Calcium oxide: Promotes tissue biocompatibility.

o    Aggregated oxides: Great compressive strength.

o    High radiopacity: Higher radiopacity than that of dentin, allowing excellent radiographic visualization.

o    Setting time of 15 minutes: Shorter setting time tahn similar cements.


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