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Eighteeth Ultra X-Ultrasonic Irrigation Activator Device with 6 Tips



Ultra X works at 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilize the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the complex root canal system.

It can be applied endodontically to –

1. Disrupt the smear layer and biofilm and open up the plugged dentinal tubules.

2. Remove gross dentinal debris.

3. Amplify the efficiency of irrigants.

  • Cordless endodontic ultrasonic device
  • Reduces the irrigation time
  • Utilizes the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation

Eighteeth Medical Ultra X-Ultrasonic Activator (6 Tips)

  • 1 x Ultra X-Ultrasonic Activator
  • 2 x Gold tips (18mm #2%) 
  • 2 x Blue tips (18mm #2%)
  • 2 x Silver tips (21mm #2%)


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