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Dental GC solare sculpt composite resin kit

Composite resin kit



GC Solare sculpt composite resin kit 7th gen bond Gaenial or Solare flow NEW NANO COMPOSITE

content inside kit

  • Solare Flo A2 or genial flo A2- 1gm
  • Solare Bond – self etches 5ML.
  • 3x Composite 1.9gm(A1,A2)
  • Micro brushes/50 Tips/ original

GC Solare sculpt composite resin kit NEW NANO COMPOSITE HOT SELLING PRODUCT.

Sculpt is a universal sculptable composite(ANTERIOR POSTERIOR) for single shade technique with GC’s innovative HDM Technology.

What is HDM Technology:

High-Density Micronization (HDM) is a technology unique to GC that provides unsurpassed physical properties and the most natural, lifelike aesthetics.

With smart-ceramic fillers

  • 300nm glass (QUICK polish, durable gloss, high wear resistance)
  • individually silane treated and single-dispersed (durability)
  • high density (strength)
  • radiopacity
  • Self polishable
  • excellent shade match
  • brush compatible
  • non-sticky



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