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Heraeus Kulzer Charisma Smart Nano Composite Resin Restorative Light Cure Dental

Resin Restorative Light Cure



Heraeus Kulzer Charisma Smart Nano Composite Resin Restorative Light Cure

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  • 4 x 4g Syringe of Composite( Shade: A1, A2, A3, B1/B2)
  • 1 x 4ml Bond
  • 1 x 3g Syringe of Etchant
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Charisma Smart is a light-curing, radio-opaque submicron-hybrid composite (Microglass®). It is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth-colored restorations. It is suitable for anterior and posterior applications.
Charisma Smart is based on a BIS-GMA matrix and contains approximately 59% filler by volume with a particle size of 0.005 – 10 μm: Barium Aluminum Fluoride glass, highly dispersive silicon dioxide
  • Direct restoration of Class I – V cavities (according to G.V. Black)
  • Shape corrections of teeth (i.e. diastemas, congenital defects in teeth, etc.)
  • Splinting of teeth loosened by trauma or periodontal disease
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Repairs of porcelain, composite (in combination with an adequate repair-system)
  • The benefits of its colour-stabilizing technology and effortless polishability make things even more easy for you:
  • They prevent staining of composite restorations in the long run
  • They ensure natural results with little effort.



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