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Ivoclar Vivadent Optrasculpt Pad Assortment & Refills Composite Modelling


Ivoclar Vivadent Dental OptraSculpt Pad 
Efficient contouring due to non-stick surface 
OptraSculpt Pad is a contouring instrument with special foam pad attachments, which is designed for the efficient, non-stick shaping of composite fillings. The highly flexible synthetic foam optimally adjusts to the tooth shape and allows the filling to be smoothly contoured, without leaving any unwanted marks on the composite material.
Suitable for adapting, shaping and contouring uncured packable composite and compomer materials in class III, IV and V restorations as well as direct laminate veneers.
– Non-stick shaping and contouring thanks to foam pad attachments
– Highly elastic foam pads ensure the creation of smooth and even surfaces
– Reference scales on the instrument handle facilitate professional esthetic results
Non-stick shaping and contouring
The non-stick attachments of OptraSculpt Pad enable composite filling materials to be shaped and contoured with ease, without leaving any unwanted marks. Fillings with smooth and even surfaces are fabricated with utmost efficiency.
Creation of smooth and even surfaces
Due to the special material of the pads, natural-looking results are easy to accomplish in anterior teeth and cervical areas. The highly flexible synthetic foam optimally adjusts to the tooth space and allows the filling to be smoothly contoured.
Professional esthetic results
The reference scales on the instrument handle assist in the creation of esthetic and anatomically-correct anterior tooth restorations. The markings allow the clinical situation to be compared with the ideal average tooth width proportions and angular alignments in upper anterior dentition.
60 Pad (4mm) + 60 Pad (6mm)


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