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Eighteeth X Ray Graphic RVG Sensor Size 2

RVG Sensor Size 2


Eighteeth Dental Nano Pix Dental X Ray Digital Radio Graphic RVG Sensor Size 2

Nanopix is the most economical X-Ray sensor ever.Thinest X-Ray sensor ever. The first time to bring leading technologies to dentistry.The complete image solution from perfect combination of DR Pad & its base.

  • The thinnest X-Ray sensor ever- 4.4mm
  • 1/10th cost per patient compared to film
  • 3s to complete image processing
  • 50,000+ exposures with no quality loss
  • 70,000+ bending tests passed
  • Automatic Exposure Detection
  • APS CMOS technology for high signal-to-noise ratio
  • User friendly 4 step software
  • True resolution of 20 lp/mm
  • AD conversion- 16 bit
  • IP68- highest water and dust protection rating


Detector Technology APS CMOS
Scintillator CsI
Pixel Matrix 1000×1500
Theoretical Resolution 25lp/mm
True Resolution 20lp/mm
Active Area (mm) 20×30
Mechanical Size(mm) 25.4×36.8×4.4
AD Conversion(bit) 16
Data Interface USB 2.0
Protection IP68
Packaging ;
Eighteeth Nanopix Intraoral X-ray Sensor Size 2 Without Tablet
  • 1 x Intraoral X-Ray Sensor
  • 5 year warranty (Except Physical Damage) on sensor.



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