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Dental Anabond Blu-Bite Light Cure Radiopaque Composite 1 x 4gm



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GDC Root Elevators Standard Set Of 10 With Warwick James

(0 Reviews)
  • GDC Root Elevators Standard Set Of 10 Including Warwick James

Hurricaine Topical Oral Anesthetic Gel Fresh Mint

(0 Reviews)
  • Hurricane Topical Anesthetic can be used in numerous dental applications to alleviate patient apprehension and discomfort.

GDC Luxatip Luxator For Tooth Luxation- Dual Edge 5MM + 3MM (DE5)

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  • GDC LUXATIP are used to force a wedge between the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone, which helps to loosen the tooth within the socket. Luxatips are often used before the use of forceps to ensure there is some movement of the tooth to be extracted. The tip is curved and rounded and may be straight or angled in a small or large size.

GDC Mathieu Orthodontic Plier Smaha Design Ring And Hook (NHMSR)

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Mathieu orthodontic pliers are positive locking pliers intended for holding, placing, and tying ligatures and elastics. They also can be used for grasping and guiding a needle when suturing. Styles of Mathieu orthodontic pliers include the standard, narrow, hook, and notched. The tips or beaks of Mathieu orthodontic pliers may vary in size for specific size ligatures and elastics, and feature extra-fine serrations for superior grip and holding of ligatures and elastics without tearing. Be sure the pliers are constructed from high-grade stainless steel for durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Biodinamica Alveolex Dry Socket Paste

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Alveolex specially indicated as a physical barrier after teeth extraction for protection and tissue regeneration. Once it acts as a moldable alveolar drain plug, forming a solid framework for the tissue regeneration. Avoiding contamination of the bone walls.



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