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Novabone Dental Putty Syringe Form 0.5cc

  • Dental Putty truly revolutionizes bone graft substitutes with it proven ability to accelerate bone regeneration.


Novabone Dental Putty Syringe Form

NovaBone Dental Putty is a new, next-generation Calcium-Phosphosilicate bone graft material based on NovaBone’s bioengineered technology platform that offers enhanced handling characteristics with unparalleled performance.

Dental Putty truly revolutionizes bone graft substitutes with it proven ability to accelerate bone regeneration.



  • No special preparation required.
  • No refrigeration required.
  • Great adaptability.
  • Does not set like cement.
  • Can be formed into various shapes and sizes.




  • NovaBone Putty does not necessitate any mixing prior to placement. It is dispensed in a pre-mixed state and can be placed directly into the defect site from the package. It can be mixed with Allograft/Autograft but by using a “sandwich” technique so as not to lose the consistency of the graft material.
  • NovaBone Putty significantly simplifies bone graft handling and delivery.
  • Eliminates the “over-condensation” “under-condensation” dilemma
  • Eliminates the device migration concerns.



  • Novabone Dental Putty 0.5cc Syringe
  • Novabone Dental Putty 1cc Syringe

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  • Novabone Dental Putty 0.5cc Syringe


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