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Coltene Roeko Gelatamp For Post Extraction Treatment

  • For reliable post extraction treatment.


Coltene Roeko Gelatamp


  • Antimicrobial depot effect with colloidal silver.
  • For reliable post-extraction treatment.


  • Gelatamp is supplied sterilized and ready for use. The size of the small sponge can be adjusted to fit the wound cavity if need be. Two Gelatamp sponges can be used for larger wounds. Care must be taken that the sponge is not compressed. Pressure on the sponge will destroy its structure and prevent the collection of blood within it. After extraction blood should be allowed to accumulate in the alveolums… cut Gelatamp to correct size… place Gelatamp in the wound and suture.
  • The dry sponge is immediately placed in the fresh, blood-filled wound cavity and should be allowed to absorb as much blood as possible. The sponge must not protrude over the inner gingival margin so as not to adversely affect the desired epithelisation. This constitutes definitive treatment of the alveolus and there is no need for subsequent rinsing.


  • One Gelatamp gelatine sponge (14 × 7 × 7 mm) contains:
  • Hardened gelatine Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg
  • Colloid silver Ph. Eur. 0.5 mg
  • Pack of 20 pcs(14x7x7 mm size).


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