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China GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement)



  • It is used as temperary filling and restoration material for teeth cavities, Wedge-Shaped Defect, liner and base.


  • zinc oxide, magnesium oxide and phosphoric acid liquid etc.


  • Fine particles with good compression resistance.

Notice : Due to its low initial PH, it may cause pulpal irritation, especially where only a thin layer of dentin exists between the cement and the pulp; thus is especially important to follow the correct procedures and precautions when using zinc phosphate cement.


  • Product net curing time : 2 to 6 minutes
  • The compressive strength after product is mixed ≥50MPa
  • Acid etching ≤ 0.30mm


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GC Fuji IX Gold Label 9 Mini Pack

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Glass Ionomer Restorative



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