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Woodpecker DTE Endoradar Endomotor With Apex Locator


Woodpecker Endoradar Endomotor With Apex Locator.


  • The precise feedback technology, is sensitive to control the motor output torque, in order to protect the root canal file.
  • Cordless handle. operating freely,
  • large capacity battery equipped with the wireless charging system. Ensure long enough use time. 1. 2 Specification model
  • Endo-Radar type 1, 3 Product conliguration


  • This device is used for any type of Pulpitis. Pulp necrosis and periapical periodontitis
  • This device must only be used in a hospital environment. clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel.
  • Contraindications
  • cases where a patient has been filled with an implanted heart pacemaker (or other electrical equipment ) and has been cautioned against the use of small electrical appliances (such as electric shavers. hair dryers. etc ) it is recommended not to use this device.


  • Power: main unit: 11.1 V 2600m.h lithium millcry. handpiece: 3.7V 850mAh lithinin battery
  • Power adapter: -100V-240V 1.6A 5
  • Power rating: 15VA
  • Torque range: 6mNm ~-40mNm (0.6Ncm~4Ncm) ]. 9. 5 Speed range ; ZOflrproHSSOrpni
  • Working condition
  • Environment temperature : +5″C—+40’C
  • Relative humidity: 80%
  • Atmosphere pressure: 50kPa~ lOdkPa


  • The product is composed of
  • Main unit.
  • Handle.
  • Contra-angle.
  • USB wire.
  • Power adapter


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