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Woodpecker Endo 1 Ultrasonic Activator

Ultrasonic Activator



The work process of this machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, which is easy to operate and of high efficiency. Only one mode switching button, the machine can be started or turned off by pressing the mode switch button

Ultrasonic activator has three modes, sleep mode, hot standby mode, and irrigation mode (work mode).

Ultrasonic activator is of stable performance and adopts an automatic frequency tracking system that can automatically search for the best work state.

The tips, Endo wrench, and handpiece are removable and can be autoclaved under a high temperature of 134.C and high pressure of 0.22Mps.

Root canal vibration amplitude is small, which will not hurt the root canal meanwhile, it is closer to the bottom of the root canal. Root canal vibration frequency is high making irrigation more efficient


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