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Papacarie Dental Caries Remover

Indications: In the removal of root caries lesions, deep caries lesions and caries lesions in children, babies, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Eliminates decayed dentin preserving healthy tissue without the use of local anesthesia and the use of rotary cutting instruments in most cases


Product with efficacy and safety of use proven in more than 50 scientific papers published in internationally renowned magazines, manufactured since 2004 by a Brazilian company certified by Anvisa for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Indications: In the removal of root caries lesions, deep caries lesions, and caries lesions in children, babies, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Eliminates decayed dentin preserving healthy tissue without the use of local anesthesia and the use of rotary cutting instruments in most cases. Very suitable for phobic patients with special needs. Deep cavities reduce the risk of pulp exposure.

Technical Data:

Properties: Dentin caries lesions arise as a result of the action of acidogenic bacteria. The dentin affected by the action of these bacteria presents in different layers. The most superficial layer is the necrotic layer, highly infected by bacterial penetration and without sensitivity. This dentin layer is softened and without the possibility of reorganization due to irreversible denaturation of collagen fibers. Below this surface layer, there is a demineralization zone and just below the transparent or sclerotic zone, which may show discoloration, but does not show signs of infection, being able to undergo the regeneration process. The fourth layer, located near the pulp and on the margins of the lesion, is characterized by slightly more hardened dentin with a large number of tubules.

Papain, a proteolytic enzyme, interacts with the partially degraded collagen in the carious lesion necrotized tissue causing further softening of this tissue. This proteolytic action occurs only in necrotic tissue because healthy tissues contain alpha-1-anti-trypsin, an antiprotease that prevents the action of proteolytic enzymes. Thus, non-necrotic dentin with regenerative possibility is preserved by the product, especially as we recommend not cutting the dentin, just scraping it, papain only interacts with healthy collagen and a cutting procedure can remove beyond what is needed. . Chloramine acts by promoting collagen chlorination of decayed dentin, acting only on the necrotic portion of the tissue, preserving healthy tissue. Thus, The product composition aims at the synergistic action of papain and chloramine in softening the necrotic portion of decayed tissue, facilitating its removal without cuts in the structure and preserving healthy dentin, in which the product does not act. There is no need to use any special instrument for the use of the product: the softened dentin is scraped off with a common curette using an old, blunt curette so that only the softened dentin and gel are removed and healthy dentin is preserved without being cut by the instrument. As it acts on denatured collagen fibers, whether papain with its proteolytic action or chloramine, through the chlorination of the unstructured collagen fibers of necrotic tissue, the composition that is biocompatible interacts with healthy tissue, whether dentin or dentinal pulp. . Teeth with pulpal exposure should be treated endodontically. The product has no adhesive characteristics, being completely washable in water, leaving no residues that may interfere with the restoration of the dental element. The restorative method depends on the material chosen by the professional to perform the restoration, which may, depending on the manufacturer, require an acid attack to increase retention or not.


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