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MTA Dentsply Pro Root Mineral

Mineral Trioxident Endodontic

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Pro Root®  MTA is an excellent root repair material with

  • Water-based chemistry, allowing normal setting in the presence of moisture.
  • Resistance to marginal leakage and reduction of bacterial migration;
  • Normal healing response without inflammation;
  • Easy clinical manipulation;
  • Tooth-coloured formula;
  • Biocompatability.
Key Specification
  • Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
  •  0.5g Ampules
  •  Biocompatability
  •  Easy clinical manipulation
  • Resistance to marginal leakage
  • Reduction of bacterial migration
  • Biocompatability
  • Easy clinical manipulation
Package Content 
Pro Root® MTA 1x 0.5g



Dentsply Proroot Mta 0.5 Gm

  • When it comes to root repair, trust the original MTA.
  • Dentsply pro root is compositionally formulated to have the physical properties, setting requirements and characteristics necessary for a clinically effective root repair material.
  • It creates an excellent seal that promotes a normal healing response within the root so you can have confidence that your procedure will succeed, and fewer retreatment procedures will be necessary.
  • Its ease of manipulation allows you to tailor its consistency to suit your clinical needs. One use of ProRoot MTA and it’s clear why countless clinicians still trust the first name in root repair.


  • Apical plug during apexification
  • Repair of root perforations during root canal therapy
  • Treating internal root resorption
  • Root-end filling material
  • Pulp-capping material


  • Antimicrobial.
  • Harden in the presence of moisture.
  • Non-toxic and non-mutagenic.
  • Vasoconstrictive. This could be beneficial for hemostasis ( most important in pulp capping).
  • Cell adherence and growth.
  • Interleukin production.
  • Biocompatible with periradicular tissues.
  • Non-toxic to cells, but antimicrobial to bacteria.
  • Non-resorbable.
  • Mineral leakage around the margins.
  • It contains hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of moisture.
  • Display low or nearly no solubility.
  • Radioopaque.
  • Very basic alkaline initial pH: 10.2 and it rose to 12.5 after 3 hours.

Key Specifications :-


In addition to the numerous ways ProRoot MTA has helped to repair roots for years, the material is now cleared by the FDA for use in pediatric pulpotomy cases. Because ProRoot MTA creates a biocompatible seal, it is ideal for replacing pulp in the chamber to prevent infection from reaching the roots.


  • 1 x 0.5gm (single dose )


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