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SUREFIL Refill High Density Posterior 645221 SHADE:B 3gm Syringe DENTAL

High Density Posterior

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DENTAL SUREFIL Refill High Density Posterior Restoration 645221 SHADE:B 

SureFil High Density Posterior Restorative is a visible light activated, radiopaque restorative material designed for stress-bearing posterior restorations of primary and permanent teeth.

SureFil is a unique product as it gives you the strength and packability of amalgam with esthetics of a composite, in posterior restorations. Its Interlocking Particle Technology (IPT) gives it physical properties same as that of amalgam.

  • Superior handling through Interlocking Particle Technology.
  • Made of patented fluoride-infused glass; allows creation of excellent anatomical form without slumping or rebound; allows rapid, bulk placement.
  • Extraordinary wear rates (equals amalgam); excellent fracture toughness.
  • Excellent radiopacity for easy checkups.

Key specifications 

  • High density posterior restorative
  • Bulk fill upto 5mm
  • Packs, carves, handles like amalgam.



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